Creative destruction

There’s a common saying that “it’s easier to break than make something”. But is it? To understand whether this statement is true or not, we should probably first explain what those terms “break” and “make” mean actually. What does it mean to create something, and what to destroy it? We should also try to understand […]

Seasons change

Inspired by my friend’s talk about his path in programming, and how he ended up where he is now, I’ve decided to write my own story. These are the things that influenced my search of a career and people that helped me get where I am now.


Here I listed some of the tools and apps that I use when working. I’ll be filling this list as I discover new apps that can make my life easier. If you have your own recommendations, write them down.

NVIDIA interviews

This is brief summation of my interview process that I went through while applying for an internship at NVIDIA. I also talk about preparation steps, thoughts and impressions on the process.

Microsoft internship written test

In the spring of 2014, I decided to apply for an internship at the Microsoft Development Center Serbia, located in Belgrade. Soon enough, my invitation for the written test came, and need to prepare myself for it. Here are my thoughts on the application process, preparations for the test and the test itself.