• Resume (web-based) updated: July, 2017


I’m Dragan Okanovic, a 25-year old developer and research scientist from Belgrade, Serbia. I have keen interest into computation theory, category theory, logic and problems of AGI and qualia. My primary focus at this time however is building Nodebook – online hub for academics to collaborate, share and discuss.


For a long time (6 years), I was focused solely on computer graphics (rendering pipelines, shading models, physics of phenomena, theory of optics, different rendering techniques and optimizations). I still try to follow the most recent developments in that area, but other things and projects usually take over. Even longer than that (~decade), I’ve been doing web programming, spending some with both back-end and front-end.


I like to spend my free time riding a bicycle, dancing solojazz, writing, or drawing watercolor.


I am forever open for you to ask me questions, discuss things or seek advice.