I’m Dragan Okanovic, a 25-year old developer and research scientist from Belgrade, Serbia. I study computer science at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. I am primarily focused at computer graphics, and other natural computing areas. I’m currently working on a novel light transport algorithm and I am also writing a book on computer graphics.

What I do

I specialize myself at real-time graphics, physically-based rendering and light transport theory. Those include knowledge of various rendering pipelines and algorithms, implementation of post-processing effects and shaders, physics of light phenomena and math that models it.

However, more recently, my work has pushed me towards more math, physics and philosophy of science. Working on light transport simulations through the eyes of quantum physics and thus philosophy, has led me to question the nature of the things, underlying math logic and all the emergent phenomena that happen in complex systems with properties of a chaotic system. One of the most exciting topics that I’m also working on in parallel, is human consciousness and problem of qualia, and one might be surprised by how much these two scientific areas have in common actually, and it is my take to try and unify them into one shared framework for an entire class of “similar” problems.


I like to spend my free time riding a bicycle, dancing solojazz, writing, or drawing watercolor.